Luxury Spa Design

Neil Howard of Howard Spa Consulting has been celebrated for his “Luxury Spa Design” service for many years, leading the creation of many of the “Best Designed Spas” in the World. Part of our initial role is to form the “Spa Architecture” by creating exceptional “Spa Layouts” – the critical foundation of successful “Luxury Spa Design”.

Following an agreed Spa Layout, Howard Spa Consulting provides interior designers with “Spa & Wellness Design Assistance” through all aspects of the Design Development stage benefitting luxury spa design with practical operational intelligence.

Many of Neil’s creations have received multiple accolades from the industry’s most respected authorities; The World Spa Awards, Conde Nast, Architectural Digest, The Telegraph, The Good Spa Guide, and Tatler.

luxury spa design
luxury spa design
luxury spa design
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Luxury Wellness Spa Design

“Luxury Residential Wellness Design” requiring levels equal to [or in excess of] premium luxury hotel standards have become as prevalent as “Hotel Spa Design” in recent years. Properties such as Branded Apartments, Gated Residential Communities, Luxury Residential Towers, Villas, Valued Properties & Palaces, have all deployed our “Residential Wellness Design” & “Wellness Operations” expertise, according to the owner’s or resident’s precise requirements & preferences.

luxury spa design

What our client said…

The Nautilus was created to be the best that luxury can be – not just in the Maldives, but worldwide. Therefore, it was important that our Spa was aligned with this vision of offering our discerning Guests highly private, immensely personal bespoke experiences that provides the space to shape individual and personal journeys. This required the creation of a Spa and operational concept that would be unique, and one that would ensure a personalized spa experience that is a journey to wellness rather than a time-based ritual. In this regard we found that Neil Howard and his wonderful Senior Consultant, Beverley Casely-Hayford, had the extraordinary capability as well as a highly reputable past experience. Therefore, it was only natural that we partnered with Neil and his team, and are thankful to them for having delivered on our expectations; the creation of a most unique Spa; and for the personal involvement and support they provided every step of the way.
Director The Nautilus Maldives

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