Project Description

Coral Reef Club : Barbados


Set amidst twelve acres of beautifully landscaped gardens on the calm west coast of Barbados, Coral Reef Club is the epitome of West Indian elegance. Renowned for its special ambiance and classic island style, this revered member of the Small Luxury Hotel collection is one of the finest in the Caribbean. The O’Hara family recognised that the addition of an international standard spa to their hotel would add a valuable dimension and freshen it’s appeal to its current & future guests.

Project Brief

Neil wanted the addition of a Spa to appear as if it had always been a core element of the hotel’s offer, and not materialize as an adjunct to the hotel. Within a central location, the Spa would be set within a cool lush green retreat, encouraging the guest to journey through the tropical gardens that connect the garden cottages to the Spa.

Upon entering the Spa Neil wanted the guest to maintain their ‘touch’ with the gardens, being constantly aware that they were in a sophisticated blend of natural Barbados and colonial design – the dense vegetation, the evocative scent of flora, birdsong, and the fresh sea air. The beach enhanced one situational advantage of Coral Reef Club – the spa would bring to the fore the other – the twelve acres of lush tropical gardens.

The Result

Each treatment room features its own private garden where the treatment begins. The passage through the Spa provides privacy, yet reveals various sight line opportunities of the gardens along the way.  A choice of sun, shade or cooled air can be found throughout, making the spaces adaptable to changes in weather, and sympathetic to individual guest needs.

Interior sophistication is evident throughout, evoking a tasteful residential feel and a welcome point of difference from ‘colder’ minimal Spa environments. Internal walkways throughout the walled garden Spa evoke a feeling of self worth. Spa lighting is soft, indirect, enhancing the chosen textures, such as the coral walls.

Limed pitched ceilings typical of the Coral Reef’s Luxury Plantation Suites were replicated in the treatment rooms contributing to design continuity and enhancing a sense of space without losing intimacy within a room. By day, the Spa is a fresh cool palette of lush green and white… by dusk it takes on a completely different mood with a richer deeper palette enhanced by soft glowing illumination.

What our client said…

With the assistance of Howard Spa Consulting, we have achieved a spa that encourages the guest to take their spa journey whilst continually being in-touch with the unique outside environment of tropical Barbados. The design is sophisticated, warm and inviting. Inspiration was taken from the unique charm of Coral Reef Club and reproduced with sharper lines, textures and contrasts of dark wood against light coral

Karen Capaldi, Proprietor, Coral Reef Club, Barbados

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