Project Description

The Nautilus : Maldives


The Nautilus was created to express the best that luxury can be – not just in the Maldives, but worldwide. With its philosophy “a world of your own making”, this is a celebration of the individual spirit, liberation and unconditional freedom. A place where guests are encouraged to be themselves and shape their own personal journey – most of all, to celebrate the people they are with.

Project Brief

Howard Spa Consulting was contacted during the stages of design refinement and the formation of the operating concept. Neil Howard enhanced what was already an outstanding design concept; and Beverley Casely-Hayford of Howard Spa Consulting created the spa concept; job descriptions; organised the training programme; performed on-site staff training; created the bespoke SOP Manual; sourced spa brands; developed treatment programmes; and assisted with equipment selection.

The Result

Opened in 2019, set on stilts over a beautiful lagoon, the spa’s over-water treatment pavilion suites all have glass floors, a steam-sauna and private changing room, while treatments use an alchemy of thoughtfully-sourced, effective, sustainable products including local coconut oils, fruits and plants. Therapeutic pre- and post-treatment bathing experiences take place on the pavilion’s outdoor decks under azure skies and above turquoise waters.

The Spa welcomes guests 24-hours a day. Guests are encouraged to arrive for a treatment when they wish and stay for as long as they need, with the standout treatment being an immersive, bespoke spa sequence designed for each guest by the spa specialist lasting as long as wished. For the unsure spa-goer, a selection of three-hour spa journeys, each designed for effectiveness at particular times of the day is a perfect starting point. These are ‘Dawn of the Senses’ for early morning energising; ‘Your Song’ for an afternoon refresh; and ‘Quiet Calm’ for evening relaxation.

What our client said…

The Nautilus was created to be the best that luxury can be – not just in the Maldives, but worldwide. Therefore, it was important that our Spa was aligned with this vision of offering our discerning Guests highly private, immensely personal bespoke experiences that provides the space to shape individual and personal journeys. This required the creation of a Spa and operational concept that would be unique, and one that would ensure a personalized spa experience that is a journey to wellness rather than a time-based ritual. In this regard we found that Neil Howard and his wonderful Senior Consultant, Beverley Casely-Hayford, had the extraordinary capability as well as a highly reputable past experience. Therefore, it was only natural that we partnered with Neil and his team, and are thankful to them for having delivered on our expectations; the creation of a most unique Spa; and for the personal involvement and support they provided every step of the way.

Director The Nautilus Maldives


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