Spa Consultancy

Module 1 – Feasibility & Pre-Planning

  • Aims & Objectives
  • Site Assessment
  • The Market
  • Profitability
  • Spa Wellness Concept
  • Space Allocation, Room Schedules & Room Relationship guidance
  • Spa Wellness Layout
  • Spa Specialist Equipment Cost Estimate
  • Information to MEP for cost /capacity assessment
  • Staff Structure & Cost
  • Spa Management Options

Module 2 – Detailed Design Assistance

  • Provide examples of internal room configurations
  • GA refinement with the appointed designer
  • Spa Wellness Operating Concept
  • Room Data Sheets [operational design requirements]
  • Advise designer regarding operational practicalities
  • Guide & critique Lighting Schemes & Electrical Layouts
  • Suggested Computerisation & Software
  • Advise on Wayfinding & Guest Guidelines
  • Equipment Cut-Sheets to assist design accommodation

Module 3 – Spa Brand Partners / Partners in Specialist Wellness Services / Treatment & Service Menu

  • Identify ideal Wellness Spa Partners in-line with the Spa Concept
  • Exclusivity Agreements
  • Bespoking Product & Treatments
  • Organising & Implementing the Spa Wellness Partner Training Programme
  • Creating the Wellness Treatment & Service Menu
  • Presentation of Partners
  • Tailoring the Agreement Content with Partners
  • Assisting with the creation of Hotel/Partner joint Marketing Plans
  • Defining the Retail Concept

Module 4 – Training & Pre-Opening

  • Pre-Opening & Operational Budget
  • Specialist Spa Wellness Equipment Schedule
  • SOE, Guest Supplies & Consumables Schedules
  • Start-Up Retail Schedules
  • Assist with Pre-Opening Marketing, Residential Spa & Wellness Programmes & ‘Day Spa’
  • Advise on content for collateral & Website Content
  • Advise on Staff Uniforms & harmonisation of In-Treatment-Room ‘Dressing’
  • Provide Job Descriptions
  • Advise on Staff Structure, Salaries & Incentive Schemes
  • Create the Personnel Recruitment Programme
  • Create the Pre-Opening Training Programme
  • Assist in Recruitment, Interviews & Selection
  • Provide Operational SOP Manuals
  • Induction & Emersion with Spa Wellness Manager
  • Conduct Training
  • Assist Spa Manager with Soft Opening Programme

Module 5 – Spa Operational Consultancy or Management

  • This is a bespoke service where we assist & guide the in-house operation during the initial months of operation to ensure the specific micro-businesses within the Wellness Spa grow & excel against expectations
  • Provide our trainer for the refinement of procedures, techniques & standards of service
  • Assess Service Standards; Guest Care; Proactive Service; Advising on where specific targeted Sales, Marketing & PR initiatives must be focused; Implementing, measuring & improving KPI performance; In-Place Sets; Presentation; Maintenance; Hygiene & Cleanliness;
  • The above can be performed with a mix of in-person visits; setting goals; telephone conference calls; and mystery guest assessments of progress; progress reports. Frequency of visits, conference calls and measurement reports are all tailored according to the requirement, costs, and increasing independence gained by initial ‘hand-holding’ during te bedding down period.

Spa Design Service

Phase 1: Programming, Briefing & Conceptual Design

Utilising measured survey information we will prepare and present a series of schematic design concepts that explore the possibilities for the project. This presentation may take the form of a series of sketch floor plans and conceptual three-dimensional sketches.

We will provide the following services during this stage of works:

  • Receive strategic brief and commence development into project brief.
  • Prepare & present outline schematic options and space planning exercises.
  • Submit to client conceptual designs.
  • Obtain client sign off for this phase prior to proceeding to the next phase. 

Phase 2: Design Development & Planning

The design development phase takes the approved conceptual design and develops the plans, elevations and details of the project in conjunction with the client. These shall include options for all areas under this contract.

The developed detail design stage includes as necessary, furniture/room layouts and electrical layouts, sample board photographs or sketches of selected fittings. The colour palette and material palette are also developed during this phase. These documents are based upon accurate measured survey drawings of the existing building to be provided by others.

We will provide the following services during this stage of works:

  • Submit to client the detailed proposals, showing spatial arrangements, materials and   appearances.
  • Prepare and present mood/image boards.
  • Prepare and present finishes and sample boards.
  • Prepare all necessary sketch drawings and documentation for submission to builder to be included within their package.
  • Co-ordinate the developing design with the client.
  • Obtain client sign-off for this phase prior to proceeding to the next phase.

Phase 3: Construction Documentation

During this phase the design and specifications of the project are completed in sufficient detail to clearly communicate the designs and constructional details to the builder. The product is a set of detailed documents including both drawings and specifications.

We will provide the following services during this stage of works:

  • Provide detailed interior design, bespoke production information drawings and schedules for client approval and tendering purposes. (excluding shop drawings)
  • Co-ordinate and integrate any designs provided by others.
  • Prepare specifications and schedules of decorations.
  • Obtain client feedback and approval.
  • Prepare the interior package documentation for issue to client to formulate contract documentation. 

Phase 4: Tender (if applicable)

We work with a very reputable builder who will provide the client with a fair assessment based on the scope of works. 

Phase 5: Contract Administration & Site Operations

During the construction phase of the project we will attend to the following:

  • Attend site meetings with builder where required.
  • Prepare and issue further interior design details as reasonably required by the contractor to assist construction.
  • Advise on design matters.

Phase 6: After Practical Completion

Following practical completion, we shall inspect and sign off rectification of snagging and provide confirmation to issue final certificate upon completion. We will:

  • Identify defects and make final inspections.
  • Assist in settling final account.

Operational Enhancement & Support

Our training, pre-opening, operational enhancement, operating concepts, management support, and the assessment of a current operation is provided with the benefit of operating & pre-opening numerous 5 star hotels & resorts worldwide, with both independent hotels and well-known branded hotel management companies.

A sample of the type of services we can offer is listed below:

Interim Spa Management

Provide a high level interim Spa Manager to fill an employment gap, or to assess & improve the spa wellness operation

The Overview of Multi-Spa Operations

Provide on-going senior management support & analysis for multi-spa operations where there are a number of spas managed by the same entity [hotels or high-end luxury residential]. This is a cost effective solution for a collection of spas that do not possess a Group Spa Director

Identify Practicing Wellness Partners

Assist in identifying appropriate specialist wellness practitioners that would form the network of specialists available to a wellness spa seeking to create a wellness treatment menu. Then create the wellness treatment menu; assist the selection of specialist practitioners; create   profiles of each specialist for guest information; assist in creating or critiquing the agreement between practitioner & the spa operation; assist in implementing requirements to build and maintain a strong & effective relationship between practitioner & operation

Identify Wellness Spa Operators as Partners

Assist in identifying appropriate wellness spa operators for an owner / property, OR to operate as a specialist branded operator within a luxury hotel wellness spa. Assist in the short-listing of potential operators; appraise subsequent submissions; assist in making the choice.

Own Label Products

Assist a spa create a small or extensive range of ‘own label products’

How can we serve you?

Do you require specialist assistance with a new Wellness Spa project, or seeking to improve the Operation of your existing Wellness Spa?