Spa Design

Neil Howard of Howard Spa Consulting has been celebrated for his “Spa Design” service for many years, leading the creation of many of the “Best Designed Spa” in the World.. Our role is to form the “Spa Architecture” by developing exceptional “Spa Layouts” – the foundation of successful “Luxury Spa Design”.

Following on from the Spa Layout stage, Howard Spa Consulting offers interior designers “Spa & Wellness Design Assistance” through all aspects of detailed design benefitting spa design with practical operational intelligence.

Many of Neil’s creations have received multiple accolades from the industry’s most respected authorities; The World Spa Awards, Conde Nast Traveller Spa Traveller, Architectural Digest, The Telegraph, The Good Spa Guide & Tatler.

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Spa Concept

Spa & Wellness Concepts” require to be formed prior to “Spa Layouts”, and later the embellishment provided by “Spa Interior Designers” This initial stage includes the resolution of facilities critical to forming the specific type of “Spa Concept”, “Wellness Concept” or “Wellbeing Concept”.

The mix of facilities will form the type, category, or classification of Spa; it’s USP; competitiveness; best connections between rooms & spaces; sense of place; alignment with the hotel’s brand standards; and address the identified market niche specific to each individual Hotel or Residential property.

The “Spa Concept” should precede the “Spa Design Concept” i.e. its type & function should come before how it looks

What our client said…

'Put simply the difference between creating a good Spa and a great Spa is Neil Howard. His eye for detail is quite extraordinary, he is also practical and commercially focused, contributing positively to every stage of the Spa’s development. I wouldn’t embark on any spa projects without him'.
Chief Executive Farncombe Estate

Hotel Spa Design

Best “Hotel Spa” is enabled when a “Hotel Spa Wellness Consultant” possesses the unique combination of extensive experience in “Spa & Wellness Operations” coupled with design experience. Neil Howard is unusually unique in owning this combination of “Spa Consultancy Skills”.

Hotel Spa Designer

Howard’s Spa Consulting’s team possess “Hotel Spa Operations” experience at Deluxe 5 star hotel levels in which they specialise. Neil Howard has trained as a designer, possessing 25 years of Spa Consultancy experience whilst being constantly involved with “Hotel Spa & Wellness Operations” over the past 39 years with premier hotel management companies.

Luxury Residential Spa Design

“Luxury Residential Wellness Design” requiring levels equal to [or in excess of] premium 5 star hotel standards has become as popular as “Hotel Spa Design” in recent years. Properties such as Branded Apartments, Gated Residential Communities, Luxury Residential Towers, Villas, Valued Properties & Palaces, have all deployed our “Residential Wellness Design” & “Wellness Operations” expertise, at times according to the specific requirements of the owner.

What our client said…

The Nautilus was created to be the best that luxury can be – not just in the Maldives, but worldwide. Therefore, it was important that our Spa was aligned with this vision of offering our discerning Guests highly private, immensely personal bespoke experiences that provides the space to shape individual and personal journeys. This required the creation of a Spa and operational concept that would be unique, and one that would ensure a personalized spa experience that is a journey to wellness rather than a time-based ritual. In this regard we found that Neil Howard and his wonderful Senior Consultant, Beverley Casely-Hayford, had the extraordinary capability as well as a highly reputable past experience. Therefore, it was only natural that we partnered with Neil and his team, and are thankful to them for having delivered on our expectations; the creation of a most unique Spa; and for the personal involvement and support they provided every step of the way.
Director The Nautilus Maldives
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spa design
spa design
spa design

Spa Interior Design

Howard Spa Consulting offers two forms of “Spa Interior Design” support. We often work closely with an interior designer to create the strong combination of “Spa Consultancy Advice” coupled with the specific design language of an interior designer, OR we offer our own “Spa Interior Designer” service.

“Spa & Wellness Interiors” are rapidly evolving in tandem with wellbeing’s incorporation into mainstream society. The detailed design stage is critical to the operational success of the Wellness Spa. The operational intelligence [specialist equipment, operating procedures, facilities, choice of materials, acoustics, MEP, BOH connections & requirements, service requirements etc] have to be integrated into the “Hotel Wellness Interiors” at each & every design stage.

Hotel Wellness Design

The more frequent a guest is able to repeat-visit a wellbeing service, the more likely they are to benefit from a wellbeing programme. Such opportunity is available to Resorts; Membership Clubs, Country Clubs, Residential Communities, and Super- & Mega-Yachts.

Intelligent “Wellness Spa Design” encourages & serves extended-stay guests and members. The extended captivity of these types of visits provides purpose & reason to a visit; offers variety of activity; extends stays; enhances the ‘positives’ of a remote location; and increases yield via secondary spend….or extends shoulder & off-peak periods.

Spa Plans

“Best Wellness Design” combines knowledgeable functionality with a space that evokes an appropriate ‘feeling’. Integrating the ‘feeling’ into “Wellness Plans” is a skill beyond purely placing the rooms in the correct sequence, order or adjacency.

Room connections & relationships, flow, adjacencies, sight lines, intelligent zoning, minimum dimensions & proportions, light, outdoor & indoor, proportions, privacy & cocooning versus social spaces, reveals & discovery, and encouraging a guest path are all part of functionality, but how all these elements are discovered & fully appreciated along the guest path is an added ingredient missing in so many Spas.

The bottom line is that the space must encourage the ‘feel good factor’ as that’s the main purpose of the space.

Our 10 Points of Difference

  • We enhance a hotel’s brand identity by weaving the hotel’s values, standards & DNA into the Spa Design & Concept

  • Our services offer seamless continuity between the design phase and the pre-opening phase ensuring the design & operational concepts are realised

  • We apply a lifetime of both operational experience AND design to your Wellness Spa

  • Training, pre-opening, operational enhancement & management support is provided with the benefit of operating & pre-opening numerous 5 star hotels & resorts

  • The end result is a Spa that possess a very strong identity with a high level of service within a highly competitive marketplace

  • We possess one of the most coveted international client lists of any spa consultancy

  • Most of our Spas achieve international & national accolades – winners in their class

  • Our clients deliver exemplary testimonials & recommendations

  • We are renowned for our attention to detail

  • We are a proven sustainable consultancy of 25 years

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