Wellness Spa Design

Neil Howard of Howard Spa Consulting has been celebrated for his “Wellness Spa Design” service for many years, leading the creation of many of the “Best Designed Spa” in the World.. Our role is to form the “Spa Architecture” by developing exceptional “Spa Layouts” – the foundation of successful “Spa Design”.

Following on from the Spa Layout stage, Howard Spa Consulting provides interior designers with “Spa & Wellness Design Assistance” through all aspects of the Design Development stage benefitting Spa Wellness Design with practical operational intelligence.

Many of Neil’s creations have received multiple accolades from the industry’s most respected authorities; The World Spa Awards, Conde Nast Traveller, Architectural Digest, The Telegraph, The Good Spa Guide & Tatler.

Wellness Spa Design
Wellness Spa Design
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Spa Interior Design

Howard Spa Consulting offers two forms of “Spa Interior Design” support. We often work closely with an interior designer to combine our operationally proven “Spa Consultancy Advice” with the specific design language of an interior designer, OR we offer our own “Spa Interior Designer” service.

“Spa & Wellness Interiors” are rapidly evolving in tandem with mainstream society’s increased awareness of wellbeing. The Design Development stage is critical to the operational success of the Wellness Spa. The operational intelligence [specialist equipment, operating procedures, facilities, choice of materials, acoustics, MEP, BOH connections & requirements, service requirements etc] must be integrated into the “Hotel Wellness Interiors” at each & every design stage.

Hotel Wellness Spa

The resultant concept & genre of Wellness Spa Design is determined by the chosen mix of facilities. This is not a ‘cut & paste’ solution. The earlier decisions regarding client objectives, market and intended services will inform the choice of component facilities from an ever increasingly wide range of options.

The ‘Hotel Spa Design’ should primarily attract hotel occupancy; extended stays; create additional secondary spends; and assist with filling shoulder & off-peak periods. Consequently, the ‘Hotel Wellness Spa’ must consider facilities that accommodate these objectives, providing purpose & reason to visit the Hotel. ‘Hotel Wellness Spa’ must offer variety; an interesting & possibly unique journey that embraces a sense of place; and enhances the ‘positives’ of a location.

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